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Hello everyone

Somehow i feel this bill i got for 2 months is full of errors

Can anybody make me understand this bill?

Bill dated 06/05/2005.

ADSL-TRIBAND PLAN RENT - DR From Dt:16/02/2006 Rs 1860.70
ADSL-TRIBAND MODEM RENT -DR From Dt:18/01/2006 Rs 274.67
ADSL-TRIBAND USAGE CHARGES - D From Dt: 01/03/2006 Rs 131.00
EDUCATION CESS From 06/05/2006 Rs 1.81

Service tax is 12% w.e.f 18/04/2006

What is DR and D?

I have bought my own the rent is crap, i don't know what the usage charges of Rs 131 is, i have never gone beyond the limit.

My plan was DSL 399 initially from Jan 5 till March that time i think the service tax was 10%

from April 1st its DSL NU.

Thanks in advance.
even i got a crap bill from mtnl when i changed my plani had to make about fifty calls to get the bill corrected and they didnt even send me the corrected bill i had to go to the exchange to collect it.i'd suggest u go to the exchange and get the matter sorted out rather than making tons of phone calls. if u go to the exchange ur work would be done faster