My experience with Reliance Jio Fiber Enterprise Connection

Hello. My first post here, i have been a jio enterprise subscriber for over 4 months now, recieved first 3 months as complementary 100mbps connection but only 2.4ghz box. Now, from june they shifted to silver plan but only gave 400GBs. used them a few days ago and found out they dont have 199+gst for enterprise subscribers.

My questions, what benefit does enterprise connection give over a home connection? is there something like upload speed gain or something else because all i see is they are giving more benefits to home users, viz easy plan change, 199+gst plan, etc but not to enterprise.

anyone using the enterprise connection? what have your experiences been over home connection?
I guess, since you are among the 1st, we would look answers from you instead. 😛

Can you ask the customer service if they can set your router in bridge mode so that you can use your own router ? Most enterprises will like to have a better firewall and will have their own router or UTM. Without a bridge mode, setting this up means double NAT, and no public IP interface.
I am using Enterprise corporate connection for past 10 months.

They started their paid services from this month june.

It’s postpaid connection. Bill has pay every month before 14th.

Basic plan is silver. 849₹ +gst speed with 100 mbps and 400gb fup only.

No stb , no free subscriptions for apps.

i am cancelling connection after july.

They added my 2000 extra money to account.
So i have to use these two months.

If you have any doubts message here.
I am using their Corporate plan from starting.
@Sammy Every thing same like jio prepaid.
Except jio stb and free subscriptions.
presently they don’t have any separate plans.

local executives are saying in few month’s there will be new plans.

we can’t change plans or can’t add data at present.

Seperate call centre and support for this enterprise service.
oh. same as @bobby_kes said, no freebies.
i am not sure why the user is saying 10% but i am on 100mbps plan and this is my speedtest result via wifi. Speedtest by Ookla - The Global Broadband Speed Test
its slower but uploads are consistently very high.
I am on the 2.4ghz box as i said earlier so speeds are slow but i guess i dont have 10% upload speed limit. Do you want me to check anywhere else? i will try to use ethernet cable and test again