My Tata BB Problems

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Ok, i've been using it for almost 4 months now.First up, their wiring has to be improved a lot. Initially i was woried about the fact that they had TAPED the main wire to some other wire which leads up to the modem. This taped part was outside my house and i asked the to put it on the roof.Now they throw it down because there seems to be a new user in my area (gotta find out who)and they had to give him/her a connection. Now any person walking down the street can tear the wire with a simple slash from a blade as it is hanging (again) from the lamppost outside my house at exactly eye-level. (That may seem a bit strange, but a friend who lives 3 km away from me said that someone cut his BB wire which passed at a high rooftop level, so now you can see why i'm a bit worried)On complaining, the (new) wiring guy said there shouldnt be a problem with that.C'mon, in the new age of broadband, even if they cant give good speeds at affordable rates, they can at least do the WIRING properly?Should i send an email to their CC or something?Another problem is the billing. now they've stopped sending us hard copies.Which brings me to another point. In Chennai, the only centre where you can pay your bills by cash is located way south of the city. Not everyone has a cheque-book by which they can drop their cheques at the nearest icici bank.They have Tata Indicom centers all over the place for their dial-up, Walky, and mobile services. why not use them to collect BB bills too? That would save a lot of hassle for their customers..BTW does anyone know if they make you pay a fine if you pay the bills late? if so, how much?
where do you stay, I can tell you where to callcall up the call centre and complain and also send the email to their CC bcos they are checked by there regional directors.
I'm in Chennai. I've already complained on the wiring (again), but it finally depends on the actual wiring-guy, who says "Nothing will go wrong, wait and see".Waiting...
See, I had a similar problem with wiring at my place. The guy had wired it wrongly. I made several calls to the franchisee and talked to many people at reliance(i have reliance powersurfer). But nothing happened. The wiring guy asked me to pay him 500 bucks to get it changed privately. It was no fault of mine that he had wired it wrongly. I then called up the highest possible official in Reliance and he directed me to the person handling wiring and maintainence department. I talked to him and got it done within 24hours. Bottom line, these wiring guys require a kick on their butt once in a while from their higher ups. Dont speak to someone in the lower ranks and see to it that you speak to the right guy.
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