N0 Mor3 SP4M!

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The Funny One
are u paranoid ? do u think twice before submitting your email to a website? do u go upto all a hecklot of trouble and make up a fake email addr? do you spend 3 hours in the bathroom and 3 tons of hairgel trying to get the perfect Tom Cruise Look? (you dont?... so its just me then! 🙂)

chk out PookMail...

whenver u require to submit an email adrr. just enter "[email protected]"

the pookmail server will accept the email...now goto pookmail.com and enter "stupidclown"...ull get the email..haha...this will be deleted after 24 hours so be sure to check soon...

I do not think -- therefore I am not. 😛
lol! i just saw a email addr for support "[email protected]"...u think this one is the real one?? hahaha..........ha!
Nice, always good to have one more service!I normally use SpamHole! 🙂
took u 15 days to think of that joke huh?pratapml is slow! 😛 (j/k mod!....:afraid🙂