Need appropriate modem for custom router.

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Nothing else u just need an onu/ont without wifi to convert optical signal into electronic one. Rest all work will be done by ur router. Before purchasing better ask ur vendor first, what if he dont provide onus without wifi or don't agree to let u use ur own non wifi onu with ur Tenda ac 10
@Xtinction Avoid Tenda, go with TP-Link C6 Archer.

Go with Tenda only if Syrotech authenticate with OLT properly.

My Syrotech gives issue with authentication (screenshot) and Tenda misbehaves very badly.


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@armaan_99 yeah, I decided after looking for a while that I will get the C6 but I am pretty sure I need an ont device that will give the internet through ethernet to the router. Please send Amazon link for a good ont(cheap one if possible) that also has RJ 11 port for a telephone.