Need firmware - GPE600 - STEL fiber electronics

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I'm from Andhra Pradesh. I took new BSN FTTH connection this month and they gave me a nameless ONT router for 2500/- rs. You can't see the branding anywhere on top of the router. At the backside of the router, you can see the brand as 'STEL fiber electronics' with the mode number as GPE600.

It took me couple of days to research about this router. The only result i found for this is product specification page. This page says that the product brand is STARTEL. The is the official website. If you access the router gateway page, it will display 'Realtek' logo and it's so strange for me.

On the back side of router, it says the username and password as 'admin'. That is not the actual admin user. If you login with that user, you can't change almost any setting. WLAN and VOIP pages won't be visible. The person who fixed this router is not ready to give any details (matter of fact, I own it and I've every right to know. That guy isn't even ready to give me any of my details including my FTTH username).

After research I found the superadmin user details. The username is 'administrator' and the password is 'system864'. (Just posting the details here for reference to others).

The current firmware is so unstable and sometimes i can't even ping my router page. Sometimes, it doesn't let me to access the router gateway page and can't ping the VOIP gateway despite having static route and out of blue it works. I can't figure out what is really going on with it.

The current fimware version is V1.0.3-200321. I've attached a router homepage for reference.

Just would like to know, if anyone has this router and any firmware update? I'm ready to provide more screenshots if anyone wants to see.

PS: I found their Facebook page and they are providing this model for 1500/- +GST. BSNL overcharged me.

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Post a detailed process (with screenshots) of what you have done for VOIP. May be I can provide assistance.
This thread is not about the VOIP. These details are shared in some other thread(no screenshots). This thread is related to router and it's firmware. As of now, the only probelm I've with VOIP is can't hear the audio with VOICE or VOICE_INTERNET wlan profile.
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My bad. Little bit sleepy. Have you tried using the contact details given on the website you linked?
The website I mentioned doesn't have my product model listed. Instead of asking the company I thought of checking with the people here. I assume I'm not the only one who took bsnl ftth because of work from home situation in this pandemic.

PS: i'm also looking for help on resolving the audio issue with VOIP. Please reply in the other thread if you have any thoughts on the audio issue.
Even if a user has the same device you have, there is no guarantee you will get a firmware from a user. May be they are in the same situation as you. Try contacting the manufacturers and see if you get a reply. You have already done enough research and found the site. Why stop now.

Also, there is a twitter profile

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Hi bro. I too having the same modem. The BSNL fiber is very slow and it is not working properly. Thank you for providing super admin details. But I'm unable to configure the modem. Kindly help me.
I have a different device from same company. Branding is of Inotech, but its just plain sticker that can be easily peeled off. Model No is GPE400 running Firmware ver. V1.0.2 and as OP said, u can't configure anything with default user name and password.
I am interested in superuser name and password. The dumb installer has only configured internet and not voice calls and I am running from pillar to pillar to enable it without any resolution. Any help will be appreciated.
STEL GPE 600 XPONT (1GE+3FE+1POT+2.4Ghz Wifi)


Username : administrator
Password : system864