Netplus broadband port forwarding not working

Hello everyone recently got netplus broadband (70mbps), I wanted to do port forwarding on my router provided by isp ( Nokia G-2425G-A ) for torrents and after setting up port forwarding ( 49152~65535 )TCP/UDP when i try to connect with qbit port (53666) or any other port it doesn't work i checked on website canyouseeme and it shows my port is closed I even enabled UPnP/DLNA but still same. In my WAN status it shows my connection mode is Static IP and my IPV4 Address starts 100.68..... and my public ip address starts 203.115...... , I have tried rebooting and opening other ports disbaled firewalll but nothing seems to work.

Are you behind CG-NAT? That is the WAN IP displayed in Router GUI different that what is shown on ? If yes, then there is absolutely NO way to port forward. You have to torrent as it is or buy a cheap seedbox from and download your completed torrents from it.
If you want to use remote desktop, you have to use free app like Tailscale which does UDP hole punching to get around CG-NAT problem. But don’t expect it to work for torrents.