New Plans From Exatt, Quite Good

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256k and 10gb @ 350+70(20% maintenance)+43(12.24% tax) = 463Rs/month is very good.virtually unlimited for me.unfortunately its not avilable in my area. but anyway can exatt users here tell usif there is any catch.
I have been getting speeds of more 75 kB/s on Limewire for more than a month but on utorrent it's about 27 kB/s average. But alas yesterday morning it had come down in the range of 230- 240 kbps when i carried out speed tests. In the night a couple of speed tests gave me the resuts as 468 kbps and 446 kbps. So i'm now convinced that work was going on in the backend which resulted in crazy download speeds for most of the users. My results are in line with their scheme i.e 256 k with 512k in the night.
Guys, does this ISP give connections in Lalbaug area? Please someone give me the contact no. for mumbai, the one on their site doesn't work and they are not replying my e-mails. This ISP seems to be my last hope for getting a GOOD 256kbps connection or else I'll have to have stick with my stupid 64kbps connection.🙁
Goddamnit! I hate it when this happens. I typed out a long, professional letter to them, to know that the contact link is broken. DAMN IT:wall:!!

broadbandseeker, what about MTNL? Isnt it available?

All of MTNL's plans have stupid limits which I don't like. The only plan which could have been somewhat useful for me was 590 NU but even that has a daytime limit of 1GB which I don't think is enough for me. If it was something like 2.5 or 3GB then I would have surely taken it. I wish we had DataOne in mumbai, Home 500 plan was really the best of them. 🙁