New Reliance Jio Fiber Plans with Symmetric Speeds (starts at 30mbps for Rs. 399)

New plans launched by Jiofiber with symmetric speeds

New Reliance Jio Fiber Plans with symmetric speeds

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Gotta know what "truly unlimited" means. Airtel offers 200 mbps for its Rs 999 plan while Jio matches the Rs 1499 plan. But Jio throws in access to 12 OTT apps. However, the FUP limit might be a differentiating factor here.
True. But whatever "Truly Unlimited" means for them, it would be more than enough for 95% of users.
I got a feeling that most people will opt for the 399 plan @ 30Mbps. This perfectly suits if you dont need OTT apps and dont download a lot of stuff. Otherwise, 999 plan makes sense if you need OTT apps (1499 will include Netflix as well).

Expect new plans from Airtel too.
@coolbal truly unlimited means no data caps.
There has to be a cap. Will get to know when they release detailed T&Cs. After you touch this cap, your speeds would be downgraded to 1Mbps or something. Even Airtel has a cap of 3.3TB in their Unlimited plans.
But the best part of these plans is Symmetric speeds. Finally!!