New update dated June 2021 on the Jio STB


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My Jio Set top box got updated some time back.

I can see that they have added the setting to manage (add and remove) Bluetooth devices which was not there earlier.
Can also see a setting for Universal Remote (haven't tried this yet).
They have also added a system wide dark theme. So we can now choose between a light theme and a dark theme on the STB.

If I come across any additional things, will post here.

Edit: The universal remote feature works with volume. Can control both TV volume and STB volume via the Jio remote (by pressing the UNIV key on the remote we can toggle between TV and STB volume). Could not turn on or turn off the TV via the Jio remote.
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I tried connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the STB. But the STB is not detecting the speaker. I tried this a couple of times (even tried with another Bluetooth speaker which I have) but still could not connect. Maybe this feature still needs to be worked upon.
Posting screenshot for the version numbers:

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