no longer getting Dynamic IP with Fixed IP connection

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I have a Airtel Fiber connection with fixed IP. Earlier I used to get the Dynamic IP as well as fixed IP both on the router. I configured routes to use fixed IP to access only certain websites/servers (usually related to my business) and for everything else I used the dynamic IP assigned by the Airtel. Recently I noticed that they stopped giving the Dynamic IPv4 and are using the static IP for all the outgoing internet.

Has anyone else also observed the same? If we have fixed IP then only fixed IP will work and the Dynamic IP is no longer accessible?
is fixed ip equal to static ip?
Yes, by fixed ip I meant static IP. For dynamic IPv4 it shows "ISP Disconnect"

Yep. Unfortunately, they stopped it recently. Not everywhere though. City by city they are slowly blocking it.
before i used to port forward on non static ip connection
now they are telling me to buy static ip for port forwarding any way to bypass this?
now they have also greyed out option to change ip v6 to ip v4
Here in Mumbai, IPv4 still working on PPPoE even if you have Static IP. However, connecting PPPoE for Dynamic IPv4 has become a b1tch as sometimes it just doesn't get dynamic IPv4 and only gets dynamic IPv6. But once it starts getting dynamic IPv4 after few reboots, it continues to get IPv4 correctly for few days.

So check if PPPoE is getting only IPv6. You might need to reboot your router or ONU few more times.