Nokia 2425G router with Google WiFi setup advice

Hi All,

I have a google WiFi given years ago which I am using and worked on a copper connection. I got airtel extreme fibre at my new home and it’s a Nokia GPON 2425G router.

My google WiFi after factory default doesn’t go past ‘the connect your internet cable’ screen.

I set up the Nokia GPON port 4 under bridged mode and tried to bring up the wan on google WiFi but no go.

Anyone got this combo working ? Can you guide ?

Trying not to have google WiFi type of powerful boxes wasted just because I have a fibre connection
How about you start with Dynamic mode first ?
  1. Bring the ONT back to PPPoE mode
  2. Now check if Google Wifi has (DHCP)Dynamic IP mode or Automatic mode .
  3. Select the option and Click Connect
  4. If this connects successfully , Bridge mode can be tried
If the above worked , this can be used for putting your Google Wifi as a router and ONT being just a dumb box
  1. Open the Google Wifi app
  2. Tap the Settings and actions tab
    >> Network & general.
  3. Under “Network,” tap Advanced networking > WAN > PPPoE .
  4. Enter your account name and password. Verify the password, then tap Save.
  5. Reconnect the Ethernet cable to your Wifi point.
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Mostly bridge mode is not enabled for you. I've same setup and once bridgemode enabled at backend side, it was fine for me.