Not able to do office work, problem in taking remote

Sambalpur, Odisha
Railwire, Airtel 4G
So my brother is trying to do his office work by taking remote of his machine which is in kolkata, but it keeps on getting disconnected or stuck. After reconnecting it again works fine for few minutes. The network speed is showing no problem, getting almost bandwidth speed. What might be the issue?
Probably packet drops
I work in the same way. My office computer is in Bangalore on Airtel ISP and I take remote here in Bihar to do my work.

The best average ping is ~65ms.
But whenever the server is slow the ping goes to more than 200+ms.

Whenever the latency is high, the remote lags.
Earlier when I was on a 30Mbps connection, the remote used to drop or crash. Yeah, my remote system also contributed to that because it used to hang. But now the remote system is upgraded with higher RAM with SSD and I have also updated my Internet plan to 100Mbps.

So whenever your brother faces such an issue, ask him to check the ping of his remote system and also of Google and Cloudfare DNS. The ping of his remote system must be high. If only his remote system ping is high, it's his remote system hanging or slowing down. If all are high, it's obviously Railwire.

Man you guys have low latency. Here I am working with 260+ms latency. All our systems are based in US and work off of Citrix.