One of my client's domain is not resolving with MTNL Triband

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I am having a great difficulty in explaining my client...One of the domains is resolving properly from other connnections (Tata, Airtel, Hathway, Reliance, ...) But it gets page not found when using Trband MTNL... I have asked a few of Triband users and they all are not able to open the site. Strangely all other sites are opening correctly with MTNL (, etc.).Since the domain is resolving correctly from other connections, I know it is problem with DNS server of MTNL. Is there any method we can get the domain resolve on MTNL server? MTNL support doesn't respond.. 🙁
it could be caching issue, wait for TTL to expire. Incase your domain is accessed by MTNL users before it was setup, the invalid record might have got cached in their DNS. in normal cases invalid requests should not get cached for long, wait for a day. it will get cleared