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🙂you can install it directly from live cd. there is a install shortcut and you are on your way to install!!I liked the aero theme with 3d effects. its very easy too!!
hhhhmmm i like ubuntu better but i guess thats just a personal preference and thats why we use linux right? the freedom of choice.. ubuntu has the best user community and u can usually find the answer to any problem that u will face with ubuntu at http://www.ubuntuforums.org

anyway here's a tip for anyone using a debian bases distro that i've found very useful.. over the time u will probably find that u have downloaded a lot of packages of the internet most of them using apt-get.. and if u have to reinstall then u have to download them all again... however if you keep a backup of /var/cache/apt/archives and then copy it over to ur new installation, you will find that u can do most of the installing with a script and it doesnt need to connect to the internet for all the packages.. even if u dont use a script you'll not have to download all the packages again..