Peering on Railwire

ISP peering details are available on PeeringDB
Trace from 2 of active RIPE Atlas probes to Google's RIPE Atlas
and to Netflix IPs at GPX Mumbai: RIPE Atlas

This confirms that they peer with Google and Netflix!

Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets

1 0.81ms 0.595ms 0.585ms
2 2.336ms 5.007ms 1.319ms
3 1.943ms 5.196ms 9.38ms
4 3.292ms 2.369ms 1.275ms
5 13.764ms * 19.114ms
6 13.652ms 15.472ms 14.007ms
7 14.224ms 13.989ms 14.205ms
8 19.733ms 19.147ms 19.912ms
9 22.202ms 19.733ms 19.126ms
10 14.289ms 14.214ms 23.818ms
11 14.285ms 14.388ms 13.834ms
12 20.484ms 19.512ms 19.224ms
13 AS24186 14.176ms 17.812ms 14.575ms
14 AS15169 15.751ms 14.013ms 13.308ms

15 AS15169 20.902ms 19.807ms 19.827ms
16 AS15169 23.92ms 20.226ms 20.338ms

Traceroute to (, 48 byte packets

1 0.246ms 0.25ms 0.246ms
2 AS24186 1.591ms 1.811ms 1.557ms
3 12.569ms 12.579ms 12.599ms
4 12.554ms 12.51ms 12.499ms
5 12.652ms 12.517ms 12.638ms
6 12.608ms 13.22ms 12.516ms
7 12.595ms 12.548ms 22.701ms
8 12.255ms 12.238ms 12.267ms
9 30.313ms 30.198ms 30.308ms
10 30.392ms 30.179ms 30.157ms
11 30.249ms 31.459ms 30.352ms
12 30.065ms 30.076ms 30.116ms
13 AS2906 30.429ms 30.414ms 30.421ms

14 AS40027 30.35ms 30.358ms 30.356ms