Plan changing for a brand New connection

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My friend has taken a Connection through LCO for WFH . It is LCO based connection . The LCO has currently charged him 11K for the connection
Breakdown :-
4K for Installation and a Syrotech Router
4 months advance by tricking my friend + some deposit

The plan given is 750 GB 1277Rupees without asking him. The connection was installed and is running today . The speeds are not reaching 100 but hovering somewhere 60 Mbps . He wants to change the plan to newer 100 Mbps 3300GB.

How will be the billing and other stuff if he changes plan through selfcare today ? Can it be done as its LCO based ?
What did i read!!!!!
Yeah he had no other option other than Airtel ADSL (16Mbps). Will the money taken by LCO be adjusted if he changes the plan ? Does someone have idea about this ? Now the money gone is gone , atleast the plan have to be changed
If 4 months plan has been activated on bsnl's system the it can't be changed.

If 4 months plan has been activated on bsnl's system the it can't be changed.
@iwantfreeinternet Are you sure about it ? The LCO forced him to take the 4month plan otherwise no connection

BSNL should issue strict guidelines but they are also in the game with LCO in my area. And we still want Government companies to cherish 😣
As i heard for work from home bsnl wont give connection because the users cancel the connecction after there work completes like after 3-5 month soo its a loss for LCO in my area a guy with WFH got connection & they told him we wont cancel until 1 year becuase it a loss for us & took 6 Grand.