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Hi request can you guys please check/post your fuptopup page?

If anyone of you guys has been following this thread of mine:

On the last post on the thread I notified that my internet was gone since then and now my BSNL internet is back and withing 30 minutes of being back my data usage is shown GB on 2 Mbps POST-FUP speed 43.47 GB

( Glasswire stat is 605.9 MB USAGE, when I complained about internet down the guy forwarded me a screenshot from BSNL networking team asking ppl to do AV Scan and run their Quickheal BOTNET remover and I even FORMATTED my PC and did everything now I don't think my PC has malware)

My screenshot:


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@Realme So based on the above, I think we can say that the traffic is indeed coming from devices on your network. Cause when your internet was down, there was no increase in traffic and when the service was restored, the surge in traffic is back.

How is your network setup? Would it be possible to give an overview? I mean which routers, access points and ONT. How many client devices how many wired and wireless?
Looks like some LCOs did not push the firmware update. I have been experiencing low upload speeds. So I called NIB now. Someone remoted into my machine and looking at the ONU page he exclaimed: "you haven't got any updates??". And asked to get in touch with the LCO/Netlink. Called LCO, he wasn't informed about any updates.
Have you got any updates @varkey ?
Interesting @abbyck, no my LCO didn't reach out to me. Perhaps they did a remote upgrade for supported ONTs?

Anyway I'm using the Huawei pure bridge HG8010H ONT, in bridge mode. So I don't think any ONT vulnerability could have impacted me, plus I doubt Huawei released any update. I think it mostly affected these Netlink/Syrotech/DBC/Optilink branded ONTs.

Also, regarding the lack of updates to the LCO. In my case, as per BSNL my LCO is some company called Periyar Entertainment, but they are more or less a larger distributor and have then sub-distributed it to smaller LCOs servicing a specific area. So maybe BSNL informed the main distributor but the sub distributors never got the info passed on to them 🤷‍♂️
I guess BSNL backend is messed up, selfcare portal shows no records for date range(since internet went down) including today's date but fuptopup shows the usage.

My network setup is PC directly connected to LAN port of ONT, I have disabled WLAn and WLAn access to Web ( psswd key is changed and no SSID broadcasting), my PC's is pretty much hardened with strict firewall outbound rules(Malwarebyte firewall), appropriate SRP rules, I don't use admin account often but a separate standard account(seclogon disabled to avoid privilege escalation), no SMB/powershell...pretty much very hardened system for an average user

my ONT: no deault password but i just found out PPPoE password is the BSNL infamous default psswd (router config file lied to me ;-😉, changed TR69 credentials and server to render it ineffective,no telnet access, IGMP is enabled though for a while so thebackend guys can diagnose and detect and so on....

@abbyck: the guy I talked to said that OLT from their side is yet to be updated, but unlike you guys while I didn't crossed my FUP no download/upload speed capped

Also I can't check the fuptopup page while internet was down to match the statiistic shown on selfcare portal
I tried calling their support numbers listed in that contact us page. All of them are busy.

Also, I can't change the ftth password using the selfcare or the fupportal.
How did you login to the fupportal page, neither it accepts the combo of credentials i have given nor does it reset btn works