Poor Customer Service

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I reside in Gurgaon where Airtel has been providing their services from more than 3 years. I have been trying to get Airtel connection from the last 1 year but everytime Airtel executives have shown their helplessness in providing services as cable has not been laid. Everytime I have been promised that Airtel is in process of digging cables and services will be available in 1-2 months. But it has been a year since I have been following Airtel with no success. As a matter of fact, I have an Airtel PCO just 200 metres from my house. I do not think Airtel should take more than one year to cover 200 metres. The latest request that I made was on 15th July 2006. I was contacted by a few Airtel Sales Executives but they told me they will get back to me, but nobody called back. When I called up Airtel Customer Care to inquire about my request, I was told that my request has been closed and reason mentioned for closing the request was "Customer Not Interested". Can anyone help me in getting connection???