Private (LAN) network over 150 meters using Ethernet or alternates like Fiber Optic cable

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I checked for Routers as well as switches with SFP but they are quiet expensive on their own + each 1 to 1.25G a Optic Fiber SFP's from decent brands are around 4-5k !

This is why I'm planning on a simple media converter for Optic Fiber to Enternet conversion and then use a normal Ethernet Wireless AC router that we already have
Media converter does work really well and there are some off brands knock that'd still do a good job.
Update:- Optic Fiber based solution may work out cheaper after all.

Local ISP guy says he can get Mikrotek brand Media Converter for around 1,250 + tax.
He only has 4 core cable in stock and it'll cost Rs.8.5 + tax for each meter. Based on actual consumption.
As for the person who'll come for installation. He found someone who'll do it for approx Rs.4-5 per meter + Rs.500 extra for transport. Maybe add a couple of hundreds for 4-6 patch cords etc.
There are a lot of variables on actual cable usage but it should still be possible in under 7k overall !

What do you guys think?
What if the fiber breaks someday?
Do you have any redundancy over that?
I mean if splicing guy comes he can easily charge you as much he wants and offcourse you can't buy fiber splicer because that'll cost you upwards of 2 Lakh ₹.
We're hoping that won't happen. They'll use the black coloured 4 core Optic fiber cable that local ISP use outdoors. The are pretty thick and don't break easily. It's relatively safer in our case since everything goes in the ducts between two towers of the same Apartment complex. Both Airtel and ACT run their own cables through these same ducts
Just make sure while installing the cable you mark it properly at places where its exposed ,so that those other local ISP guys don't cut by mistake.

@Satya97 .. yes. that is a good idea. I'll try to mark our cables. There a ton of cables that are already running in the ducts and it's a complete mess.
Labeling will definitely help in identifying our cables easily in future. Thanks !
How will you label them?
By using some sort of adhesive tape, sticker or whitener (marker)?
I'm planning to use a combination of masking tape and electrical tape of a certain color at regular distance as markers
Update: My cost ballooned again. The Media Converter this local ISP gave is actually 100 Mbps only !
1Gbps will still cost around 3,100 each. So I'm back where I started from a cost perspective.

We tried to setup the connection today. Everything was going fine until the cable from duct to my sisters house could not be done because the existing cables (Coaxial, ACT Ethernet & Intercom) are stuck and the person who came for laying Optic Fiber cable could not remove them at all.
Plan was to remove Coaxial in worst case scenario and replace it with Optic Fiber instead. But this stupid cable is not moving at all 🙁
I've called the building electrician and he'll come later in the day or tomorrow to check. Hoping he's able to sort it out, otherwise I'll be in a fix since we've already laid close to 200 meters (includes some extra for backup) + splicing is already done at one end.