Private (LAN) network over 150 meters using Ethernet or alternates like Fiber Optic cable

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If you have devices with sfp ports, You can buy this.
cheaper and works quite well for me.

edit: Nvm, I see you are not using switches/routers with sfp ports
@ishanjain28 ... I'm not much of a expert in Networking and never used SFP adapters. They did come up when researching for a viable solution but I didn't really had a good use case for them because my router does not have this port.

Do you know if there are any budget routers (under 10k) with SFP or multiple Optic Fiber outs
I suppose Mikrotik has one model RB260GSP with single SFP port. I know a Bangalore reseller. I can contact him if you are keeping it as final option
They dont sell at spiked prices
Someone did a CAT pull and during a lightning storm it fried all electronics at home.

Then he replaced it with a Fiber Connect.

Came across it on youtube.
Probably not from India. This shouldn't happen in urban areas here for obvious reasons.

Atleast that what I'm assuming, I have multiple 100m runs outside.

I humbly thank everyone who provided their valuable suggestions in this project.. We finally finished the cabling from my house to my sisters last week. Delay was mostly because of the availability issues between myself , sister due to holidays & Fiber Cabling/Splicing people. Otherwise the work itself was pretty straight forward & smooth 🙂

The Setup:
200 meters of two-pair Optic Fiber Cable (hard shielded) runs between the two house with 6 x Path Cords + 2 Termination Box
2 x TP-Link MC210CS Gigabit Media Converter (one in each house)
2 x Tricom HTB-GS-03 Gigabit Media Converter (one in each house)
*I had the rest of the equipment (Gigabit Access Point & Switch, Cat 6 ethernet cables, RJ45 connectors, Crimping tool and Ethernet tester etc.)

Cost Breakup:
Rs.7,000 for Optic Fiber Cabling + Splicing, Path cords & Termination Box (includes 1k for transport)
Rs.6,157.24 for 2 x TP-Link Media Converter: TP-Link MC210CS Gigabit Single-Mode Media Converter – Rs.2600 – LT Online Store
Rs.2499 for Tricom Media Converter (comes in set): NPC fiber optic media convertor ( Lan to Fiber 25 Kms ) 1 PAIR GIGA SPEED
*Tricom has only one port but still gives 1Gbps link over 200 Meters. They come in pair with labelling of A & B, more like TX & RX terminals. You have use A on one side and B on the other. Won't work if you use both A's or B's at the same time.

Overall it cost around 16K but it could have been under 10K if I had discovered Tricom Media Converters earlier instead of Tp_Link which cost more than two times for the exact same performance.

We currently have 1 x Airtel (200 Mbps) and 2 x ACT (300 Mbps) lines since both of us have already paid for 6 months pack with ACT and they refused to disconnect/refund partially since this is some sort of a Prepaid plan with commitments that can't be broken !
With link aggregation the total speed should be around 800 Mbps but we practically get around 650-700 Mbps of download and only around 400 Mbps of upload when running speedtests using the desktop application from


But practically I have been able to get around 600 Mbps of download speed when using qBittorrent to download various editions of Ubuntu ISO's at once to get maximum DL speed. Screenshot below.
I don't know if there is another multi-threaded speedtest that can be performed to understand the actual performance better but this is what I could find in my limited online research.

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@Satya97 .. the cable itself cost around Rs.8.80 + 18% GST = Rs.2,077 for 200 meters.
Laying it cost around Rs.4 per meter + Rs.180 per each splicing etc.

I paid 6k (plus 1k in transport) in total for 200 meters of cable, 6 patch cords, Splicing & 2 termination box.
This won't last for ever since our second ACT connection will expire in a couple of months and we will only have a primary ACT + Airtel as backup but it's awesome while it lasts 🙂
I guess the routers take some time to tune Link Aggregation & load balance effectively but have been getting over 800 Mbps when I'm the only connected user over direct Ethernet, so it's effectively adding 300 ACT + 300 ACT + 200 Airtel without any issues !

Upload however has been an issue and stays under 400 Mbps - not major concern in my case since my use is mostly in downloads.