[Problem] Using Wifi Router with Dlink 520 modem

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Currently the setup at my home is that i have a D-Link MTNL modem and till now am using internet directly connecting through LAN. Now i have a TP-Link WR350g+ wifi router and this is what i did.1. Kept the MTNL setup as it is. I am aware that the id and password is already entered in the MTNL modem. Also i suppose the password is my CA Number (found on Bill), correct me if i am wrong.2. Now i connected the LAN cable from MTNL modem to the wifi router and then connected the router to my laptop using LAN cable to do inital setup.3. Punched in the URL to access the router settings. Here in router i went to WAN settings and put the id and password (2898xxxx@a and
Hello,The solution to your issue is changing the IP address of your wifi router. Both D-Link and TP-Link now have as ip address. Change the LAN IP address of TPLINK from to Keep DHCP ON. Save settings restart your wifi router. You should be able to surf internet.Thanks,Toyota!!!!