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Sure. Would suggest waiting for me to get it first though 😛 . And maybe wait atleast a couple of days till I set it up and use it. Expected Delivery date is Sunday. Though, I have received couriers in the past on a Sunday. Bit surprised that its the given date - Usually its Saturday or Monday and it is off by a day when delivered.
Received the phone Sunday Afternoon. First impressions are good. It is a bigger than what I would have liked. But yeah - no good options around.

I will do a review maybe once I have settled down using it a bit. But I can answer any question that anyone might have.
Now with 2 weeks of usage - I can share a few more points.

Software: Realme UI 1.0 is ok-ish compared to MIUI. Definitely saw lesser (almost none) ads, so thats a plus - but many smaller things I felt in MIUI are better. Hope Realme UI 2.0 which is supposed to come in November gives an improved experience. No lags experienced in my moderate usage.
Also so many apps that were sluggish on Redmi 3S Prime are very fast - Clearly indicating that if you want an overall better experience you have to keep upgrading your phone every 2-3 years which is bad for the consumers and environment.

Stereo sound is good and loud - Way better considering I am coming from Redmi 3S Prime. Super AMOLED display - Not sure but Samsungs' colours are more vibrant. Need to spend some time in settings perhaps to get close to that look. In-display fingerprint sensor - I was thinking having it at the back is good - but once I got used to this - It does feel better. 65W charger is a huge plus.. Battery is lasting 1+ days with the moderate usage - but because of fast charge.. I am not feeling the pinch of it not being available due to charging at any point. With more faster charging being the norm I guess its a good thing.

At 2 weeks point I would give it a 4/5.
1) Grouping of all Notification SMS together under single folder 2) Copy of OTP - I have been able to circumvent some of it by using SMS Organizer App from Microsoft
3) Dialer/Call Recording - Realme uses Google Dialer and it alerts other person if call is being recorded - MIUI's dialer had the option in-built
(I have rarely wanted to record calls to note down information so that I can revisit if needed, but it lets the other person know I am recording)

Will add as I remember them...

A bit surprised when you said you have gone for 7pro.. Thought you had made up your mind with Samsung. Anyways, I am assuming you may have debloated RealmeUI. That would help you get more internal storage and make your phone more snappier, reduce battery drain.
@mhsabir copy otp is there on realme ui, i have seen it. Recording i am not sure how it works. Will try recording with someone who has realme and update here