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Could someone tell me a number to contact Reliance broadband guys (in Chennai)? the phone number on their website doesnt work...And could some tell me if its worth it?is their promised speed up to task? is their customer care service decent?[P.S. i hope they do not force you to take ANOTHER landline/phone connection]?And is it a wireless connection or are there other options? and a friend of mine tells me that a wireless connection is risky.. Is it so?ThanksVince
Its not necessary to citicize the Reliacne people...they havent started yet.BTW 10gb limit on 128kbps connection wud be enough for most of us...that will be 25 % of the max. d/l that can be done 24x7...And going towards the 256 kbps conenction 10 gb will be 12.5% of the max d/l ..which will be JUST fine..considering what BSNL is doingNow seriously i am keeping my fingers crossed for the reliance era....
videshi laloo helped me on that one, but the Reliance people seem to have said it wasnt available in my area...
Reliance broadband Customer care :04430337777 (Malayalam and Tamil)For new connections call : 9884862408
Reliance broadband

Customer care :04430337777 (Malayalam and Tamil)

For new connections call : 9884862408

Why are you replying now ?.
The date of the last post is June 4th, 2005, 11:11 PM.

Anyway, the toll free number is 1800 3000 7773 (Toll free from all networks)
I paid Rs 500 for Broad band connection at Ambattur on March 31. One Mr Mohan delayed the process for 30 days and wanted me to contact One Mr Prabhu Raj Kumar. Both the employees are in competant and bluff you every time you enquire about the connection saying that it will be done to day. Now they are so arrogant that they did not even answer any call from my cell. So think twice before choosing Reliance Broad band. No connection even after 70 days .


Think Before choosing Reliance Broad band. The Executives Mr Mohan cell no 9380382127 and his boss Zonal manager Mr Prabhu Raj Kumar cell No 9380303275 are expert bluffers and they will not answer your cell and will avoid you as it has happened to me from 5 PM to 7.10 Pm today the 10 th June 2009

At last a Responsible Official from Mumbai interfered in my case and now I am a happy client of Reliance broad band. Thenks to the Official😀😀😀
hi,, i am frm chennai and i want to get a wireless connection for my brother in Delhi, is to gud to buy a connection in chennai and give it to him or else its better if i get it in delhi?
you would have to buy the connection in delhi. wireless broadband is pretty much like mobile numbers.
But I think there is no concept of roaming charges right? So even if he buys somewhere outside Delhi and uses it in Delhi, he would still be charged the same. If that's the case, it makes more sense to purchase it wherever the tariff plan is the lowest.
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