Reliance CDMA phone for dad

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Feature phone. Good battery life. Good build quality. No extra features needed. Just a plain old phone.
Warranty? RUIM?
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Warranty?Ruim is the CDMA equivalent of a sim card, often if you buy CDMA phones off eBay, they dont have the ruim slot, and a result the ESN needs to be programmed into rcom's network.
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Dad's current phone has a SIM card. It is a Samsung model which I think bought at the Reliance Mobile store itself.
I do not need a smartphone. I need a regular featurephone.
No camera. No radio. No MP3 player. Nothing.
I was originally planning to port him to GSM and get him a Nokia model. But I am not comfortable with the idea of MNP as it has failed for me personally several times in the past.

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Reliance website has the usual shitty phones. 🙁
I guess the choice is fairly limited. So what do you suggest?
Let's assume I try MNP on his connection... Which GSM operator to go for?
He is a heavy user of mobile. I think his monthly bill on reliance comes to around 1000 rupees. Mostly local calls but a lot of STD calls too.
I am not sure what plan to go for on Airtel...
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