Reliance Jio Fiber is no longer connecting to Azure DBs (Blocked Port 1433)

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I have JioFiber connection from previous 1 year. It was smooth until today when I suddenly started facing issues in my work. Due to WFH, I need to connect to Microsoft Azure cloud DBs very often and use them during software development. It was shocking to me this morning when I was unable to connect to Azure DB from my laptop. I used it on JioFiber last time on Friday night.
Initially, I ignored the issue thinking it is at the MS, but later to my surprise my colleagues on other networks were able to connect.
I started experimenting, switched to my Jio Mobile Data hotspot, and the problem was not resolved. But when I switched to Vodafone mobile data hotspot, I was able to connect to Azure DBs.
This made me clear that the problem is with Jio, maybe their firewall is blocking the port or so.
Even though I have raised a ticket with Jio, I don't trust them that they will resolve it.
Wanted to ask in this forum if anyone faced such issues earlier with Jio? if Yes, how you resolved it?

Azure DB URL: ****
**** = my work DB which I can't disclose.
We are also experiencing the same issue from Jio networks
Have you also inspected this with wireshark or any other tool to capture packets? What does it do when you try to establish a connection to a destination on port 1433?
@ishanjain28 nope, I'm not allowed to use these tools on my office laptop, and my personal laptop is not with me right now.
But i tried to check using curl commands..
I executed curl --connect-timeout 60
This command gives connection refused error..
Where as same command with port 80 work and gives success message.
@shashankb I'm unable to find the contact of nodal officer. Can you share the details if you have it handy ?
Btw this is not only with JioFiber but Jio4G too facing this issue. Hence I may need to complaint to both nodal officers.
I am giving for Karnataka [email protected]

The others can be found here

Jiocare twitter account also responds to DM queries