Reliance to buy Future Group's Retail Business

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Not really Telecom related news.
when will bezos realize that india is basically the new china now. in china government controls the market. in india ambani does. it just doesn't make sense to keep investing billions of dollars every couple of years to stay competitive.
I am happy about Future group take over by Reliance. Because I have money stuck in Franklin templeton and plus Future group defaulted (or deferred) the re-payment.

Hopefully now that Reliance has taken it over, chances of re-payment increases.

About Amazon. I think quality / delivery of Amazon and its UI itself will keep it in the game. Reliance can never match it.

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And my money will again be stuck due to this notice / case.

Franklin templeton had given money to Future group - which future group has not returned yet.

They said they will pay back once they receive money from Reliance ... but now due to this ... money would not come back for long.