Repeater :: TP-Link vs Tenda

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Dear All,

Any one here who can give an insight which is better for Repeater.

I am looking for below setup.

ONT(BSNL) in Bridge mode.

Any one router is used to configure Broadband and another router is used as repeater.

What I want to achieve:-
1. Better coverage across all parts of the house.
2. Parental control which can work on repeater also.

Jio Fiber is available now, is it any better than BSNL FTTH?

Below are the hardware details:-

1. Syrotech ONT
2. TP-Link Archer C6
3. Tenda AC8
Finally below configuration is done which is giving best results.

1. Syrotech in bridge mode with DHCP and WiFi disabled.
2. TP-Link connected to Syrotech in PPPoE mode, additional ip of router range is assigned.
3. Tenda WiFi configured as WISP and connected to TP-Link.

Everything working flawlessly with latency under 50ms on both routers.
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