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MY ALL TIME FAVORITES-1. Sholay2. Rocky (All Parts)3. 3004. The Departed5. Happy Feet6. Diamonds Are Forever7. For Your Eyes Only8. Freaky Friday9. Home Alone 310. MI211. High School Musical12. Wayne's WorldAnd "MUST NOT" MOVIES- Any Of The Harry Potters (Definitely)
@sneezymelonThat's really surprising as all the boyz/gals of your age are a huge fan of Mr.Potter. 😀
Can't buy me loveBig trouble in little chinaPredatorBawarchiAnandand many more...........
oh boy i gotta add transformers to my favorite movie list 😛

for a couple of weeks at least.

the movie is freaking awesome! and megan fox is oh la la...

Movie To Add- Chakde India! (pretty good)@srk006, what's there to be fascinated about in the movie when no-one knows how to act and the dialogues are exact quotes from the book?? I'd rather read...
I wanted to write Nayakan. And I wrote Nakayan. Got the syllables ka and ya mixed up in my mind (wish firefox had a spell check for movies). And I speak tamil, can't read or write it though...
The DescentTransformersBlood DiamondSunshineFatastic four - rise of silver surfer ( stupid story but great fx ) Does documentaries fit here ?BBC HiroshimaImax- Space black holesBBc- What the bleep do we know The Elegant Universe seriesGospel of Judas