Reviews Wanted for MTNL IPTV

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Considering that it's been a bit since IPTV has supposedly launched, is there anyone here who has actually got it, or at least even used it once? Please post some reviews.
Though IPTV has been launched i reckon it still is not available to general public due to some issues. People are not going to accept a new technology that easily. Mtnl need to start offering a free 2 month trial to all of their customers so people can see what this is all about.I'm sure come January 2007 we can see a lot of activity on that front.
Availability of channels is the biggest factor! No one wants to pay that much amt upfront and still be provided with channels which 2/3rd(in quantity) of Free to air channels available in CAS regime!
QUOTE(MtnlPacked @ Dec 27 2006, 02:12 PM) [snapback]71902[/snapback]
IP TV is a BIG FLOP i suggest go with CAS instead![/b]
IPTV and DTH are CAS. IPTV has a lot of regulatory issues that need sorting out. It'll take some more time for IPTV to become a credible option to cable and DTH.
and i am indeed waiting for airtel IPTV. am scared of getting anything from ZEE.Tata Sky is proving to be expensive.would stay away from DD and other government related services too...

I think MTNL is doing a real bad job about advertising IPTV.. maybe they are waiting for next month, but one would expect them to advertise right now so that when people are hit by the whole CAS thing they will have that as an option too. In a sense as things stand MTNL IPTV would only pick up once Airtel starts their IPTV service (called Triple Play I think), because they will surely advertise it well.But coming back to the topic, is there seriously no one on this forum who has opted for MTNL IPTV????