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OK I have had the tata indicom broadband since way before it was tata indicom. I remember the good old dishnet days, sure it had its glitches but hey the service was so much better. Then came this big corporation that just ruined everything. I do believe the smaller a company is the better service it provides and cares for its customers. Dishnet had great back up at the server end when power was out, unfortunately tata doesnt.And if you live is pune especially Aundh you will know how many power cuts in a week there are. Im just so fed up with their server issues and their customer care executives. It makes me wanna go on a killing spree. They repeat the same stuff over and over again like I am some incompetent fool. Heck i can be a TIB CCE now, I know all their lines. This week I had a terrible experience with tata. My connection was down for 7 days, even after repeatedly calling them. THen finally they restored it but it went down again in less than a day.It was so pathetic. And then I have this other problem that after I restart the computer it takes at least an hour for the link to be stable. So i have to wait, just f****** wait for an hour and stare at the modem for the link to be stable. One more thing I'd like to add is that my connection is 256kbps but guess how much broadband meter (check your speed there) shows the speed as? 31kbps. Dont even ask about the download speed, its worse than dial up and this is sposed to be broadband. Im so sick of all this. Tata Indicom is the worst ISP EVER. Unfortunately I dont have any other choice right but to stick with this crap. I want to sue them. Anyone in Pune feeling harassed by these ppl wanna file a case in the customer court? please let me know, I want to teach these guys a lesson. Seriously, they cant and shouldnt get away with this. Its duping the customers.

Would be nice if u could visit that and give an opinion...I myself live in Aundh and have suffered a 9 day downtime (today being the 10th day) and I dont know how they can say "Tankyou and have a nice day" with a straight face after the terrible services they give.
heh...same here...i think the whole of Aundh has it...since when did it start? and was it repaired and went down again or has it been down alltogether
There is no way in hell I am going to give them the satisfaction of using their dial-up when the BB is down. I am using Airtel GPRS (11/per day) gives me 4Kbps(32kbps) of speed, almost same as dial-up. Better than 10/per hour for TATA 😉
yeah everytime my broadband is down i use airtel gprs too, im beginning to think its better than tata, at least it stays on. i too have their engineers number and he stopped answering my calls aswell. and its pretty impossiblr to go all the way to their kalyaninagar office and even there they have some CCE who do nothing but say we will fwd your complaint. i miss the dishnet days! if connection was down theyd make sure it is restored within 24 hours and at least call back to tell what was wrong. is there any other option in aundh? ive ruled out sify and iqara and i cant take bsnl due to some phone line mess up . My society hasnt allowed airtel to lay their wires here as everyone already either has TIB or Iqara, very frustrating
what i did when i finally got through to the engineer was that i asked him to shift my connection to the chintamaninagar server, while the connection is still giving problems at least it works on and off...i suggest you do the same. if you want some other numbers ill give email them to you
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connection up now but speed is 50kbps. god dam tata indicom

Hello friends,
I am also a Punekar. Living in Yerwada.
Just incase you have 2-3 hours free, please visit the BSNL Exchange in your area and get more info about the BSNL broadband. They have very good speed.
The only hurdle is the Internet port availability.

Check with the senior person at the nearest exchange.

Happy surfing...

ajpatil_at_mail_dot_com 😛
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