Rs. 30 Charged for Hello Tunes.

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Airtel has charged all its customers Rs. 30 per month and is ignoring to refund it back. I have been charged Rs. 60 for 2 months and calling Airtel every day. They have stopped call center in Mumbai as they r flooded with these phone calls. 72 hours???? thats what they know.Airtel is charging and cheating customers by Rs. 30 for Hello Tunes & Rs. 150 for STD. Time given was 72 hours now 840 hours have passed. Airtel call center executives know maths? Call center executives behave as mentioned below:• They disconnect the calls after putting you on hold• They act as if they cannot hear anything.• They pickup calls and keep silent for some time and disconnect.• They “tell frankly” that you shall get money only after 3 days, that never happens.• They say “have faith in me” and I lose faith every day.• They start speaking in any language they feel comfortable when I speak in English• They forget our names after asking us.• They forget our numbers after asking us.• Initially they used to ask feedback of the call after every call made to call center via sms. Now no one dares to ask that question…..surprising…may be they know it better.
Why are they refunding? You got charged without subscribing?
Airtel sends stupid KBC sms every no and then. I dont read any sms of airtel and delete it. They have played a foul by sending one sms of hello tunes and activited if for a period which was free and if u wanna discontinue it u had to send an sms back to them. This is a clear cheating and hence they have charged thousands of subscribers by Rs. 30 per month. Now they are flooded by complains and they dont know what to do. It is a complete mess in Mumbai. Whatever they have done is un ethical / cheating customers.. Sms is not a medium to charge any one. Now they are refunding people who complain and have not activated it by their own. They say they need 72 hours to verify that we have actually not activated or not and after that they shall refun us the Money. Now 840 hours have passes and no one seem to know anything.