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After my dialer 2.61 was auto updated (through a CORRECTLY connected LAN cable) to 2.7, now I keep getting the error 108 (which states that my LAN cable may not be connected properly, per its diagnosis which is faulty) when I try to launch BBCLIENT. The auto update does not even give us an opportunity to say no to updating. When I install the older version 2.61, everything works fine. However, for the next login, my dialer gets automatically updated, and I have the same problem of getting BB108 error. I called sify many times, and NOTHING has been done for 3 days now.I am wondering if the same has happened to any others.
try using supersify which is available somewhere in this forum.....
Originally posted by vns@May 8 2005, 07:49 AM
The auto update does not even give us an opportunity to say no to updating.
There is a way to stop auto updating. I don't remember though, it has been a long time since I used the official client.
I used to use 2.5 or something when 2.6 was out . What u need to do is change update url's in bband.ini file and make the file READ ONLY . I think then it wont auto update ...I tried it on old versions dunno abt 2.6 but i guess it may work
Where is the 2.7 updateMy broadband sify connection client doesnot say that any 2.7 version is available. Neither is any updated version available on the siteOr is it a dialer for dialup connection
Maybe ur sam server isnt updated yet .. Oh yeah even mine here shows 2.61 as latest 😛
Just asked my friend who is working at sify. The bbclient will get updated in 1-2 days. With improvement like it can now be used with a pc with 2 lan card and both enabled and some improvement like slow opening on windows 98 etc. If it doesn't do tht , don't blame me 😛 Just infomed u all what he said :lol:
sify 2.61 works pathetic on win98 systems to start. God knows what it does for such a long time opening?? and after that that Troubleshoot thing starts... The best thing on win98 systems is to start PC take a brisk walk in your room for 5 minutes.... start the trouble shooting thing ... and have ur luck decide the destiny of sify starting or no. Is 2.7 available?? Well i shall never know bcz i have stopped using that heavy Sify 2.61 ans shifted to super sify as its lightning fast and no troubles shooting and briskwalks needed. works fine with win98 and xp. Let me know it 2.7 is released and check if Sify can deliver or started delivering export quality softwares 😉
Sify's troubleshooter app with the 2.61 is atrocious on Windows 98 here. Even when the network here works it always reports time outs for all the 3 cases that is localhost, gateway etc.And whenever there's a problem with the gateway as it always is with the crappy CTO here, the amazingly lieing troublshooter tells me that there's something wrong with my LAN card or wires :-|.
It seems that we are much more advanced it knowing the problems of sify than those CTO and call center guys....! Should we run the show!? 😉