Slash in Dataone charges

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The charges for BSNL's Dataone service has been slashed with effect from June 9, 2005 onwards.

BSNL has reduced the modem installation charges to Rs 250. In case of an outright purchase from BSNL, the installation charges shall be waived off.
The security deposit of Rs 500 shall be made refundable for customers renting modem from BSNL and all the existing customers of Dataone as well.

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i was exicited when i saw the heading but i was disappointed to see that there is no reduction in usage charges.
i would really like to see some changes in the "unlimited usage" front...otherwise, am not interested!!! :mellow:

right. if they can offer me 512kbps line unlimited for less than 2k. they would have me as a customer after the 31st of June. the problem is that i would still hate to stand in lines at their offices.
It took me only 10mins to submit the DataOne application !!! 😀[ of course I got the form printed and filled-up at home ]And do u remember about getting the CellOne connection ??? :blink:I got it in 15mins flat ! same as above for the form.
Only 10 min to apply... but I bet we'll get hell to cancel and get deposits etc back.. heheBYE BYE BSNL... I'm off to whoever the heck else can give me better bandwidth
airtel guy dropped in at my home. filled the form for me. i think that sounds a lot better to me.
BSNL header to the news was badly put. Gave us too much hope. I put the article on the board as soon as I saw it so that we all know what it all is.
It may take BSNL about 2-3 years to have Sales guys drop in and fill forms. They are yet to appoint franchisees for it.
getting people to do your job would be tough for a company like BSNL. Even Sify cannot manage it inspite of being a representative of Indian Inc on the NASDAQ.
Yea, our own attitudes are making us couch-potatoes ! :angry:Its not a health damaging phenomenon to stand in queues or wait at the counters for 30mins ! 😀 Are we losing our senses ??? :blink:
i can earn more money in 30 minutes than i would be paying them in an entire month. it is a business decision which makes a lot of sense for me.