slow speed in jio fiber in 399 plan

what are ur speed test result..i am experiencing slow speed in jio fiber runs fine but the time in loading a website or even Hotstar is slow.downloading speed is fine 3.7 mBps but in loading any site it takes time
Post speedtests in posts like these. Only the Hotstar maybe having a problem
in okla speedtest its showing fine


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You are getting 50% of the plan speed which is not normal you should be getting around 27 Mbps on a 30 Mbps plan of Reliance jio fiber, I suggest you to get the line checked
Reliance jio is constant with the Speed most of the time so I think there is something wrong with the connection , if it is not rock solid and stable speed, there are 100 downsides to jio but the stability and reliability is one of its selling points. I got the connection sometime last year in May, yet to have a downtime, it should be noted that my state odisha is very prone to cyclones and then also I am getting this much of stability and reliability
30Mbps is too slow for normal usage. Go for at least 100Mbps next time. If there is another device using the internet, it can cause slowdown for streaming videos. There can be a computer or a phone downloading an update or another user streaming a video.
it doesnt affect streaming bro if multiple device is connected runs smoothly but website loading is slow a bit..and its a bit unstable.thats main problem..