Smartphone for around Rs. 5000 for grandparents

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Need to buy one for Grandad. Currently he is using a Nokia X2.

Moto E2 and Redmi 2 are possible options. Any more ideas?

I'm a bit inclined towards Moto E because they've exchange offer running. Will get 1000 off
yup. the ui is not confusing as such. but coming from android, it feels just too complicated. recently i spent time 15 minutes trying to teach an uncle how to add contacts on his newly purchased windows phone device and i had to google for every freaking thing.
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and do not even start on arranging the icons on the homescreen. i cannot do it on my computer. forget a mobile screen! 99% of my launches on W8/W10 are by typing the app name after pressing the Window key. Windows Phone just drives me crazy with icons stuck to each other. Of course, it might not feel so much confusing after using it for a week or so. But I decided against buying one for mom because I did not want to end up in a situation where I had to learn more about it!
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I still stand by my opinion.

I still think WP is more intuitive than Android and things just work but it lacks the plethora of apps that android provide.

Full Disclosure: I started using Windows 8 before I started using Android or WP and I started using Android and WP almost at the same time and I found WP more intuitive.
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@x720 you are right.. If camera NOT an issue, Moto E is a very good choice. It has the inferior most specs, yet the UI is smoothest in that budget..

If you prefer higher resolution display and decent cameraS then Redmi2, Honor Holly, A6000+, Canvas Express2 and even YUphoria (if u can get)...

If you prefer bigger display then RedmiNote_4G, A7000.. Go for these if the person loves to explore new things

If budget is strictly 5k, then again Moto E, Honor Bee, Android One...

Too many choices.. All the best ji..
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Indeed. I've used the Redmi 2 and MIUI does seem a bit slow on 1GB RAM. On the other hand, lollipop on the first generation Moto E works pretty well.

Will decide in a day or two.

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