Smartphone for around Rs. 5000 for grandparents

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Need to buy one for Grandad. Currently he is using a Nokia X2.

Moto E2 and Redmi 2 are possible options. Any more ideas?

I'm a bit inclined towards Moto E because they've exchange offer running. Will get 1000 off
Good. It's future proof..
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I still don't understand what is difficulty in learning to use Windows Phone. I have tried all OS (feature phone, Android, WP, iOS and BB), and for me it takes few minutes to start operting that phone even if I am using that phone for first time (may be I am extra smart 😀). I have in past helped people setup their Android phones even though I had never used Android phone till then.
My opinion is Windows Phone could be easiest to operate for old people as it has big live tiles on home screen. So it can be easily selected by touching. Besides tiles size can be changed from small squares to full wide tile. And based on usage on needed app tiles can be pinned on home screen (e.g. Phone, Contacts, SMS). For incoming calls, it displays quite large numbers/characters so its easily readable for old people.
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I am going to use the same excuse people use for not switching to Linux. It's the small things that annoys you in the end. I have been trying to switch back to Linux for a few years now but in the end there are some eccentricities that just drive you crazy on the other platform.
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Customization could be another factor. For novice/new users find Android or iOS more easier, because they do have the base principle of single button to access to all apps in rows as that is they are used to in basic, feature and smartphones of the bygone era.

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I am specifically highlighting ease of use of Windows Phone for old age people.

For young users, and if they are tech oriented, Android is best choice, iOS is also good, only its costs lot. Windows Phone could be for those who just want simple phone 🙂
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"I" did not find anything difficult. I am telling you someone whom I have got Windows phone because they wanted only "Nokia" - had more or less same difficulties that people who went to Android had.
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