South bangalore without internet

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Dataone subscribers in a certain area in south bangalore are suffering because f&#king incompetent bsnl had a fiber cut on FRIDAY(5 days back!) and those bastards are fixing this(or trying to fix it) on government standard time(GST). I spoke to the area manager and she is apologetic but beyond that, nothing else. It is not in her hands because the a different division repairs fiber cable. Guess how many subscribers are without dataone in this area? ALL 350+ subscribers. Makes you wonder where did these cable fiber technicians get their training. Even Zeenext is way better in this matter(6-12) hours at the most.No broadband for 5 days makes bugatti cranky. This public message is posted from a vsnl dialup connection at the same speed(28.8) I had in 98. Talk about time travel.
I am also from south bangalore, Konanakuntte Area, kanakpura rdinternet here is fine with out any problem