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Can someone please identify the source of this news??

Internet cafe owners logged out in Solapur, Maharashtra

Internet cafe owners in the city are sore with the ‘lack of cooperation and poor internet connectivity’ from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). Especially hit are those who started their business by taking bank loans.

The BSNL introduced broadband service in August, attracting most of the internet cafe owners. While a few of them opted for the 256 kbps offer, others went in for the 1 Megabyte and 2 Megabyte service. But today, many of them feel let down by BSNL after facing repeated disconnection without prior notice. The one person who is responsible for the internet section of the BSNL is often not traceable.

‘‘Our internet service has been disconnected and we have been forwarded vague reasons, like the disconnection was from Delhi or Bangalore. We are tired of the department,’’ lamented one internet cafe owner.

‘‘For the last three weeks, we have been facing connectivity problems in the service line, low speeds and constant disconnection. We have lost almost 80 per cent of our regular customers this month,’’ he maintained and added that he was unable to pay charges for the BSNL connection and the installments to repay his loan.

On Wednesday, a delegation of internet cafe owners handed over a memorandum to BSNL authorities and aired their grievances, demanding prompt restoration of internet services. They also demanded a waiver of charges for October, as there was no service on most of the days. BSNL gets around Rs 1 lakh in revenue from internet cafes as it charges Rs 9,000 for 2 MB and Rs 5,000 for 1 MB connections per month.

Private users too have come forward with complaints against BSNL. Rahul Manthalkar, a regular user, says he failed to get connectivity at home and hence opted to go to a cafe. But that too proved useless, and he says, ‘‘I don’t know where to complain. BSNL should cancel the service if it can’t provide proper service.’’ Vaibhav Kulkarni, a sales manager in a private company, said that there was little choice left but to shift to the more expensive Reliance Web World.[/b]
can u post the link from where you pasted the above text? then maybe somebody can identify the source of the news...
OK the article has "TLNS" which I think is "telecom live news service" and a name is mentioned "Vaibhav Kulkarni, a sales manager in a private company" so I think this guy must have complained to the site... like how some people here complain to the media (hindu etc) in hopes of getting some action...!is this good detective work on my part? hehe
r u sleeping vishalrao....mtnl has already annouced its new tarrifs

wow, i searched so many portals for that news! Good work vishal! 😀
yes girlgr8, i know mtnl has reduced prices... i wasnt sure if they would FURTHER reduce them hehe... coz even BSNL has already "reduced" prices (Home 250)... and these "news reports" should always be taken with a pinch of salt...especially from unknown news sources.. 🙂
hehe no no, sometimes i cant control myself 🙂the only wars we like to see are PRICE WARS!bsnl vs. airtel ... who will win this test match?
Vodafone are very serious contenders in any such related services, one can expect them to give other players a run for their money.
Schumacher uses Vodafone fones hehe... lets hope their investment in Airtel will give us broadband speeds like Schumi's on-track speed! 🙂