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I decided to change my plan, but found to my amusement that when i clicked the "Submit Plan Change" button, the next page (which is supposed to say that their CC will call you up) didnt open!I tried in Opera and Firefox.... now i finally decided to open IE after a long time, and the bloody page loads only in IE...
doesn't this happen with most big websites?
Ohh well vince, even if it does, theres no use of doing it that way. I have done it myself yesterday and realized the procedure to change plans. And i assure you the so called customer care never tell this.1.You have to fill up that plan change form with the required details and the new plan id and stuff2. Pay the bills that are due till that month. Suppose if you have a 64k connection and you go on the 10 of the month. So if there are any pending bills you have to pay that so you would have to pay 550 Rs for the 64k line. And then by the equation of NEW PLAN RATES - OLD PLAN RATES and 10.2 % tax on it you would have to pay the sum separately over the existing plan charges of 550Rs. This whole step only means that when you are applying for plan change all your bills are clear.So it means 550 + ( 900-500 ) + 10%tax on (900-500)And yes this whole thing is called a POST PAID ACCOUNT. You cant tell them to add all these things in the next bill. So much for a simple plan change. LOSERS !!I have explained this in all the details possible only to make fellow people realize that what it takes to change the plans in a post - paid tata indicon broadband account.!
Well, anyway, i applied online for a change to 128 (from 64kbps).They billed me (bill dated 28thdec.) for Jan for 128 kbps(with their wonderful POSTpaid).Got 128kbps speeds from 2nd Jan. (i'd called up their CC on 1st to ask why the speed wasnt changed)Only prob, no 'extra' speed (for eg. on 64kbps plan, u get 10KBPS... in 128 kbps you get exactly 16KBPS 🙁 )So this sucks (in the rupees to kBps ratio). i'm thinking about changing to the 256 plan next month.
Originally posted by Vince@Jan 3 2006, 06:17 PM
Well, anyway, i applied online for a change to 128 (from 64kbps).

even i am trying to change plan using Firefox,Opera for past 3 days..not working... 🙁

by the way, did you had to go to their office to change plan? what was your ENTIRE procedure? previously did you have a modem or router? Now after changing is it modem /router?
@ Sarahpinto:I was using a modem connection, 64kbps unlimited plan.On 26th Dec., i applied thro their website for a change of plan to 128kbps unlimited (same modem connection) (using Internet Explorer, since firefox and opera dont seem to be vsnlwebsite-friendly)(the online plan changes immediately, but you're supposed to get the bill and speed from the next month)On 1st Jan, i got a bill (online) dated 28th dec, for the month of Jan for 128kbps.I called up Customer Care and complained that though i was billed, i hadnt received the 128kbps speed. They said they'dlook into it andgave me a complaint number.On 2nd Jan, the people (who work with the servers i think) call me up and ask if there is any problem, but the speeds had been changed to 128kbps by then.Thats the entire thingy.

This is sooo bugging. Now my plan in account info says New Infinity 128kbps, but I am still on 64kbps speed. Checked with the speed tests and the download speed is still near about 8kB/s . Even restarted my router, but to no avail. Looks like I would have to call up Customer care again!
Thanks Vince and Ya..Did it...Opened IE and changed plan - Online..Now got to wait and see what happens...Anyway, got to tell you all what happened last week...I am on Volume based 2GB plan with modem connection...last week one day we got disconnected from our Net...i dint call up customer care assuming it to be the Server Down problem...afternoon those Tata engineers barged into our office 😀 and told us from henceforth they are putting Router FOR ALL CUSTOMERS and taking away the modem 🙁 they put up the router by configuring something...they even helped us set up Internet for our LAN..and off they went to the opposite building as we bid farewell to the modem 😛 which was with us for 2 years 🙁
As I expected, its 2 days since I applied for a change of plan (online ) - AND NOTHING YET HAS HAPPENED 🙁 by the way, Vince : after u applied online did they call u up and talk about it or the Change happened automatically
^^ Whoa Sarahpinto! The plan change takes effect only from next month!!! Thats why i applied near the end of december!They never called me up, though i was billed for the new plan. So i called them up on 1st Jan (when the new plan should've taken effect, but i hadnt received the changed speed). They changed the speed on 2nd Jan.
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