Tata Indicom Photon Plus Fair Usage Policy

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I wouldn't dare to buy it...even if it is FUP its not proportionate to the speed they offer...Doesn't TRAI do any study before implementing any policy?With a worthless minister at the helm of affairs God save the ISP's as well as the customers from the clutches of TRAI

When did trai release a paper on FUP!!!!!! if they did .. they SOB's full of Mc's and Bc's .. sry 4 cursing but they have ruined internet in INDIA
i think the ISPs submitted their suggestion to TRAI related to FUP in response to TRAI's requirement for them to manage a certain level of quality when it comes to delivery of internet services. so basically ISP said that we cannot deliver the standards you want us to deliver unless we apply FUP to the connections. in other words, what ISPs have been promising to deliver, they have been lying all along. and when trai asked them to deliver what you promise, they said we cannot do that so we are going to use FUP excuse to fcuk the customer.
Its 15GB @ Kolkata Circle..Can't even think of going for one.
Hi guys i just got the tata photon+ at home last month. i've taken a 10GB plan and is quite good for a month. As of now getting really good speed :dance:
Atleast Airtel's Fair Usage Policy doesn't charge extra for subsequent MBs. All these FUPs are really Fd UP
saying unlimited and giving limited in the name of fair usage policy shows the unfair attitude of the service providers(not only tata but reliance and airtel too)...TRAI SHOULD TAKE NOTICE and stop them from using such methods ....ADMIN you r requested to take up such issues with concerned regulators (TRAI or whatever)...we have no issues with service providers if they deliver what they say,say 10GB,20GB OR 30GB Plan but if they say unlimited then it should be so...they have no right to change the grammer😛
necessary for anyone going for an unlimited package to know what the fair usage policy of the company is.

airtel started the mess and now every broadband service seems to have a limit on the unlimited plan in the name of Fair Usage Policy.

Dear Admin,

You are 100% right, this FUP is a shame if India is to become a software and IT superpower in the near future say 25 years from now on. The Govt must change the definition of broadband to 2 mbps atleast from the shameful 256 kbps always on connection. I request you to start a thread dedicated to listing FUP/download limit per month of each and every ISP in this country so that forum members do not get cheated by them and end up paying a huge sum.

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