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Queries related to new prepaid connection of Airtel Xstream Fiber through LCO. If you are not sure about some questions then please verify it from your local airtel installation team or customer care. I would be very thankful to you if you answer to all my queries.

Q1 (i). If I choose ₹799 prepaid plan and pay only one month advance during connection of Airtel xstream Fiber (prepaid service), what are the :-
Installation charge,
Activation charge,
ONT Router charge,
Fiber cable charge ?

(ii) And what would be the charges in case if I pay 6 months advance payment during the time of connection?

(iii) Are all these charges same in every city where Airtel xstram fiber Prepaid service available?

(iv) Why they demands Activation fee when they are already collecting the installation charge? What exactly is the Activation fee?

(v) In my area, Airtel LCO was saying if I choose one month plan then I have to pay Rs2200 for Router, Rs1000 for installation and 799 for plan. Are these geniune charges ?

(vi) Does they really charge for the Fiber Cable or it is free? Because customer care was saying that prepaid service is available in my city and there is a mandatory charge for fiber cable of Rs750 upto 100mtrs (even if I pay 6 months advance payment) and if need more than 100mtrs than Rs8/mtr will be charge extra. Is this right?

Q2. Which ONT Router they have provide you? Please also share it's full model number.

Q3. For Airtel Xstream Fiber Prepaid plans, is there any kind of billing cycle & late fees penalty system? Or there is no complusion to recharge every month and I can recharge when I need like prepaid SIMs ?

Q4. In cases of Airtel Xstream Fiber prepaid connection, can I permanently own the Airtel's ONT Router because this is a prepaid connection and there is no billing cycle and no complusion to recharge every month like postpaid connections. So even if I don't recharge the Airtel fiber connection for many months, can I still keep the router with me ?

Q5. I have also Jio Fiber as a main connection .
So, If I don't recharge Airtel Xstream Fiber Prepaid connection for many months suppose 4 or 5 months & used it only as a backup connection when need, will it's connection (service) remain active or it will get permanently disconnect within few months without recharge?
If I ask in other way, maximum how many months the Airtel Xstream Fiber Prepaid Connection will remain active without do any recharge plan ?

And in case if Airtel Xstream Fiber Prepaid service get disconnect than what to do for connection Re-activate without opting a new connection? Will I have to spend Rs1000 or Rs2000 activation charge again?

Q6. What is the official email id of Airtel fiber customer care? Also provide customer care number other than 121 for those who have non-Airtel SIM?

Q7. Can they provide us any special (hidden) plan if we demand. If we need between ₹799-40mbps and ₹1099-100mbps. for eg., if I need atleast 50 to 60mbps plan at around ₹900. Is it possible?

Actually Some postpaid users said that airtel's customer care is very flexible and they are not very stiff like JioFiber. They can change their plans for those customers who are not satisfied with the service and when customer wants to disconnect the connection. For retaining the customers, they can provide special plans or some discount for same plan.
But I am not sure if this is possible in case of prepaid service of Airtel Fiber. Have you any knowledge about it ?
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Can anyone tell me about the disconnection or temporary suspension of Airtel Broadband incase it is inactive for a long period of time , say 8-10 months ?
How does it work ??
Do I permanently lose the connection ? I went through Airtel Terms and Conditions and did not find anything regarding this. Airtel has made it hard to connect with Airtel customer care

Update :- Called customer care and they told me the number would be given to someone else and connection is closed incase the prepaid Xstream fiber is kept without recharge for a long period of time.
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@shashankb what I have read somewhere as per Trai policies. A prepaid connection will be disconnected after 3 months and a postpaid one after a month.
Airtel has an option "Safe custody" which you can use by paying 150rs. something per month to keep your connection to your name.
@shashankb safe custody is only for a limited period of time at a nominal charge per month. That's normal with all operators. How long you can extend safe custody may vary from ISP to ISP and only their customer support can tell you a definite answer.

Since they've told you the line will be permanently disconnected ask them what is the minimum recharge required to keep the connection valid.