Today I Havd Applied Online For Dataone

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i am a non bsnl i have applied for bsnl dataone home ul900plus plan which gives a rent free phone. i have applied online at and also i had applied online at . i want to know is if applying online sufficient for taking a new connection will bsnl respond to it?if yes how will i pay the instalation charges?please reply me as soon as possible.
I wouldnt bet on it. Many of the connections never get cleared smoothly even if people go personally to the BSNL's office. I would suggest you to go to their office...fill up the required forum and pay the charges then and there and then get ur connection in a maximum of 7 days hasslefree. Moeover you have applied for 900 Plus...which requires your identification and a little longer process for which you will have to go to the office. SO its better to go yourself than to wait for them to respond and then go.
After 3 or so months, You will recieve their. They'll say that you will have to fill up a form and pay the fee. Go to their office and ... fill up the form. Wait for a week. ON the 1st of the next months, They'll come and install the fcukin modem and connect you...

If you haven't done anything, I SUGGEST YOU NOT to go for BSNL dataone. The services sucks badly...Look for any cable ISP like Asia Datanet. Just my suggestion
hey man i applied for BSNL data One HYd...the Next Day i got the Net wit USer name n Pass...Modem was not available In the Office So i buyed frm Outside..D-Link.. for 1600/- Now Im Where r u ?frmService is Kool...Take BSNL...
i am from kolkatasify hacker have you applied through web ?

I got my first connection very soon..less than three days..but my second connection..applied it on 19 july..still waiting for it 🙄