Trib 256 Unlimited Plan On Regular Basis

Yep, read it yesterday.....onlygodknows what it means 🙂I think initially it was on trial basis, though it was avialable to all.Note the word '256' which they have appended to plan name.
perhaps they are fed up of calls regarding 2 mbps speed for unlimited plansso changed the name..if it is 256 then guess they will loose out to airtel considering the extra money we have to pay for the phone line even it is Rs 250/99and yes my this months bill shows extra rs.500/- they seek as advance rental for phone dunno why they wanrt that..i am on night unlimited and took it weeks ago for 2 mbps but no such thing256k thats itand cannot move to airtel as they say that their exchange is full in my area dunno what that means..for those airtel is available think its an better option than mtnl as they give 512k at night though it runs at lower speed but if you some up 256day+512 night... still more data transfer than 256 accurate supply pipe of mtnl in an given 24 hours.for p2p citizens its still a best bet unless you are on 2 mbps flood for the time beingmtnl should at least increase the data transfer capp in the limited plans , sounds like here is a drink for you but you cannot drink for your satiety...
i think what they mean by the ad is that now the unlimited plan will be available earlier they always had some time limit, like one month, which kept on increasing every month... 😛