Troubleshooting Ubiquiti LiteBeam AC Gen2 PTP Setup

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Yes, i don't think airtel will have any problem as i am only sharing the internet however using litebeam instead of wifi router. i will apply for the Xstream fiber connection and then will setup the litebeam later.
it is a success. the estimate signal as per surveys was -33dBm to -35dBm. Currently it is around -55dBM which is good. the 40mbps plan speed is same without any loss. however there is some loss in upload. pretty happy with the investment.
@ishanjain28 hi, you said TP-Link cpe710(These litebeam 5ac are closer to cpe610 but you should easily get >150mbps speed on them) .

TP-link is better? 5AC Gen2 is not better than CPE710? as far i think 5ac = cpe710 and m5 = cpe610,

looking for more clarity on the your comparison.

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@anmolbhard004 pipe is 1inch i think. ask them something stable yet light to handle. 3/4 pipe will move in wind.