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Anthology series in which police investigations unearth the personal and professional secrets of those involved, both within and outside the law.

This one has Woody Harrelson. How can I miss this show!
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This should be good. Mathew McConaughey has supposedly given an Emmy worthy performance that no one is even talking about Woody Harrelson.
And the rumor has it that there's some Alexandra Daddario goodness (nudity) in episode 2 (Jan 19).
Just the Alexandra DaDDario scenes in episode 2 was worth the price of admission. Hehe.
It's slow burn but I like it. Matthew McConaughey is well on his way to win an acting Oscar ("Dallas Buyers Club") and an Emmy for this show this year. Woody Harrelson is no slouch either.
Yup. Both are brilliant actors.

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Heh. I didn't think y'all valued my recommendations in these here parts.
value them a lot 😀 u should be more active 🙂
Like I said, it's kinda slow burn. And you will often spend time watching McConaughey saying philosophical things in a southern accent. But, the acting is mesmerising. And I like how it's a retrospective look at a past crime which happened in 1995. This is an anthology series, meaning the story will end in this season (8 episodes). If HBO renews it, which it likely will, given the good ratings, the critical buzz and a likelihood of a rich haul of awards, the second season will be a new story with a new set of characters and possibly a similar A-list actors.