Ubuntu 9.04 Released

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that site is freaking awesome 😀 you have to use it once to see it.


cool. that file seems to be downloading the RC edition of Ubuntu 9.04 64bit. i should have it installed in a couple of hours.
Still nothing can ever pwn rapidsharethey must be having >1PB of data on their servers , and since i have a premium account for this month , its link-removed for me . ill use mediafire next month
link-removed is great for downloading stuff (you know what i mean!). but it can get confusing if you are sharing files with relatives or friends who are not used to these kind of services. 🙂

mediafire works cool with novices when you want to share files with them.


Free File Hosting Made Simple - MediaFire

this is the link for the same wubi.exe file 🙂


another link that should come with a special graphic on the forum 😀

zSHARE - wubi.exe
argh. the installer hangs and stops downloading the ISO if i do not give it enough bandwidth for a particular time. looks like i would have to restrict heavy browsing till it downloads the iso file. too bad this version of wubi is not resuming. all stable editions usually resume.
Instead of using WUBI.exe to download the ISO, why not just download the RC ISO via torrent and burn to CD then you will get WUBI as well anyway....
coz i would have to find a blank CD 😛it is downloading jaunty-desktop-amd64.iso. i am not sure if its the same file as ubuntu-9.04-rc-desktop-amd64.iso

oh probably not 😛 it might be one of those "daily builds" not official RC release...
it seems to have downloaded and installed while i was watching f1. scared to reboot. dunno if even vista would work 😀


hah. on ubuntu 9.04 now through Wubi. It installed within 5 minutes and started really really fast!

and my dual screen problems seem to be solved.

i just might make this my primary OS...

i would work on wubi installed ubuntu for the next couple of days.

i am going to miss chrome very very much 🙁