Unable to browse some sites on mtnl broadband

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You need to check with ur neighbour who has ADSL and by getting someone's laptop.Many people use MSN based sites, such problem can not go unnoticed for such a long period. So it is most likely something wrong at your end.
I made a complain in the self service portal of mtnl as below:All websites work fine. Only msn.co.in is not working since last 25 days. Please help.Lets see what happens.
Haha, they will say if everything else is working fine then its not our problem 😀
they did very same thing,.... but the matter has reached the ED , hence they are very serious for this matter. I already got 10 phone calls saying if it is working or not working. till now its not working. This is the email I wrote:

Dear Sir,
I am unable to visit MSN India - Hotmail, News, Cricket, Bollywood, Video, Messenger, Download IE8 & More... website since last 25 days. The current settings on router were to dicover dns automatically and it discovered dns as Using this dns it is unable to open MSN India - Hotmail, News, Cricket, Bollywood, Video, Messenger, Download IE8 & More....

If I change the dns to it is working fine.

Hence request you to check the following 2 dns which are not working for msn.co.in --> working --> not working --> not working
it dont believe that they replied that it is msn.com website's problem !nothing can be done by mtnl !! and such isps are suppose to be best in our country !adminji you have provision on renaming my username again ? 😉
😀 it does seem to be ur own problem rather than MTNL's or MSN's.Because MSN site is working on my MTNL (even with MTNL DNS above) which means both MTNL and MSN are working fine.

its working, thats the same thing i told u in my one of the previous posts.
I came across this problem quite sometime back - probably a year or so back.As you have mentioned, if you change the primary DNS to x.x.243.70, it works fine - but with others, there are issues not only with msn, but with a few other sites also. (At least there used to be issues - have not checked of late). The site is not blocked, but just a DNS issue. In fact, going a few more years - around 2005 I used to face this problem with a lot of sites - I had to solve the problem then by using VSNL DNS on MTNL connection 🙂 -- used to work fine. I switched back to MTNL DNS about a year or two back when they had more or less solved this issue. But this MSN issue is still a problem for the last one year or so - many of my friends face this problem, and I ask them to change the DNS - and it works fine.
this problem is since 4 years and are unable to solve it. The best option is to change dns address in your router to and
the best option is to put primary dns as given by ISP and second dns as open dns like