Unable to Edit 5ghz SSID name in ZTE Router (Airtel Xstream)

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Airtel Xstream
Hi previously I was able to edit SSID 1 and SSID 5 names.. Reccently I had reset my device from then the router is automatically going back to previous settings/configuration and I cant edit SSID5 name, It's directly assigning SSID1 name and settings and not giving option to edit it. Attaching Screenshot . Thank you.
You reset the router and airtel pushed their custom firmware from backend which locked the settings, you wont be able to edit it now.
Didn't get u, if I didn't reset my device will I able to edit it? Irrespective of update? Or the update is preventing me to edit it? What's the solution to use seperate bands? By enabling other SSID's ?
there is no bandwidth control thing in this ONT.

Many settings are locked in ZTE F670L after firmware upgrade. Now you can not create a new connection which could have been used to put ONT into Bridge Mode. Bridge Mode is to be enabled by Airtel NOC team from backend.
Do confirm this with them and get it set up correctly and tested before investing in a new router.
You have have to tussle with them to get it set up. They might deny initially.
Contact [email protected] if things don't work out well with 121.

Note - I am using ZTE F670L with Software Version V9.0.10P1N16B and as of now I am able to edit SSID name but WAN settings are greyed out
I have the unlocked firmware but if anyone finds a method to flash it I am willing to provide that.