Upload speed on Tata Indicom ?

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hi guyz,Just wanna know 2 things abt Tata Indicom Broadband -1) What is the upload speed? Is it proportional to the download speed or half of it ??(especially for the 64 Kbps unltd pack)2) Do they allow u to use ur own modem/router...i already have an ethernet router so not interested in taking their USB modemThanks
For my 512 speed i get around 256 upload. Not sure abt 64 Kbps plan Vince will be able to tell u abt it . I don't think they provide any such option of using ur own modem/router . No matter what u have, they will provide u with their modem/router and u wil get charged for tht .
VOD -> Vince on demand ..LOLCyberwiz,1) i get 88 kbps speed for BOTH download and upload on my 64kbps pack. But strangely, i've noticed that my download speed jumps up by a bit when my upload speeds are high!!??!!2) they will not let you use your own modem/router dude... You'll have to use theirs. The rental charge for it is built-in with the monthly rent(i.e. no exrta charge)..But even then, i think for the 64kbps plan, you gotta use a USB modem only (according to tataindicom)Hope that was helpful!
Thanks man..here in delhi they are also providing prepaid connections which dont require modems... they will run an optical fibre cable to my place and connect thru my LAN card if they find it feasible..i have been told that i'll get a call in 3 dayz..just waiting n watchin till then..
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